I think every kid dreams of being a superhero. It’s so appealing how they can fly, use super strength, and save the entire world from evil villains. Luckily, the Garden State Discovery Museum is going to make a few hundred little superheroes dreams come true on May 16, 2014! Our new event, Calling All Superheroes, is going to assemble a super team for a night of flying on a zip line, smashing through walls, slinging some webs, running through obstacles, and capturing the world’s evilest villains in the Great Villain Capture Contest! Every little superhero needs to find Lex Luthor, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, or one of the burglars and stop them from taking over the museum.

Once their super duties are finished, they can snack on some super sweets, take super selfies, write their own comic strip, create a secret disguise, and much more.

It doesn’t matter if the kids want to be just like one of the classic superheroes or create their very own; Calling All Superheroes will give them all a chance to let their imaginations sore over cities and through the clouds.

Buy your tickets for Calling All Superheroes before it’s too late! We need all the little superheroes we can get!

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