The first post on our blog is about a very special part of the museum. Our turtle bog is home to 14 Red Ear Sliders and 1 Florida Cooter that were given to us mostly by donations from our members and local residents who were unable to keep them as pets. Turtles are a very big commitment as they live for about 80 years and often grow too large for at home fish tanks. We maxed out capacity of the pre-existing turtle bog, so we wanted to create a whole new and exciting environment for them! Our turtles were on “summer vacation” and living in our outside pond for the past 5 weeks while our exhibits crew was very busy building and painting a new paradise. The new turtle bog consists of a nesting zone, an area where the turtles can bask under heat lamps, and waterfalls flowing into three different swimming holes. The new turtle pond has a beautiful new mural and a new enclosure. Be sure to come out to the Garden State Discovery Museum and check out the turtle’s new home!

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