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  Arts and Imagination

Arts and Imagination invites children to get their hands on arts through exploration. Throughout the year, artists-in-residence encourage kids to create masterpieces or work on craft projects they can take home.

  Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble allows children to put themselves inside a giant bubble or play with a number of other bubble devices that illustrate the "science behind the suds". Earth friendly products

  Climbing Wall

Our local Rock Climbing Wall teaches children the basics of rock climbing and bouldering, as they climb hand-over-hand across a rock face. Seek and find animals in the giant mural to see what our local unique ecosystem, the Pine Barrens, has hidden. The Rock Climbing Wall is sponsored by My Gym of Cherry Hill.

  Cooper Check Up

Check-Up, provided by Cooper Children's Regional Hospital, provides children with a place to learn about their bodies through a visit to the doctor's office. Peer through a giant eyeball, stop at the listening station, examine a baby or test surgical skills on a giant Museum version of Operation.


The DINOSAURIUM is a tribute to south Jersey's role in dinosaur discovery! The first dinosaur was discovered less than 8 miles from the Museum in Haddonfield, NJ. Climb inside the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Dig for bones in the excavation site. Explore the scientists' tent and roar like one of the great prehistoric beasts.

  Discovermore Store

The Discovermore Toy Store offers a wide variety of fun, educational and inspiring products for children of all ages. We offer gift registry, party bags for rentals and birthdays, continue your discoveries at home! Stop in before you leave!

  Down the Shore

Down the Shore takes children on a familiar adventure, where they can learn about the wonders of southern New Jersey - whether it's fishing for flounder from a boat, exploring life under the sea, or climbing aboard a lifeguard's chair. The exhibit keeps visitors beach-bound all year long.

  Farm Stand

Farm Stand features New Jersey's finest produce, where kids can shop for pretend fruits and vegetables, weigh them on the scale, and head over to the cash register to check out.

  Flyers Mini Rink

The GET FIT exhibit home to The FLYERS Mini-Rink, sponsored by the Philadelphia FLYERS. Visitors can work on their hockey skills, be the commentator in the press box, or watch a championship game in this tiny replica of the FLYERS home rink. A Museum favorite, indoor basketball court, also occupies this space where families can exercise gross motor skills and develop coordination. The basketball court is sponsored by DeShayes Residential Resort Designs.

  News and Weather

Channel 6 Action News Studio provided by WPVI gives children the chance to sit behind a news desk or stand in front of the weather map to report on important stories of the day or forecast the weather. A real kid-operated camera captures the reporters at work and broadcasts it "live" to several locations throughout the Museum.

  Little Discoveries Barnyard

Little Discoveries Baby Barnyard is a safe, creative space designed exclusively for children under 4 years of age. We love to watch our visitors grow as they are developing skills such as sorting and matching or climbing and sliding down a giant tube slide. Parents are encouraged to play along with their children as they explore the barn and farm house, jump into the pig pen, and feed the horses carrots. Every week is a new discovery and new advancements for our littlest visitors. The Rocking Horse Barn is sponsored by Chick-Fil-A Eastgate and the Retro Farmhouse is sponsored by Just Mom and Me at the Moorestown Mall.


Celebrate your child's birthday in one of our private party rooms! Our parties are a unique way for your child to celebrate their special day with their friends and families. Click here for more details.

  California Pizza Kitchen

The California Pizza Kitchen has a replica pizza oven, pizza assembly station, table top activities at the booths as well as CPK's signature chef ware. Visitors will be able to order their pizza in increments of 1/2, 1/3, 1/8, etc... Our tiny CPK chefs prepare signature dishes to serve all the while "building a whole" focusing on how pieces can come together to create a single thing. They can work side by side in the industrial open kitchen and serve up delicious pizza to all their customers. The assembly station focuses on sorting and shapes and colors used to compile different kinds of pizza. Children also have an opportunity to explore the different positions held in a restaurant kitchen: Head chef, expeditor, prep chef, server, take out staff, etc...

  Silver Diner

The Silver Diner is kid-sized -- from the booths to the counter to the kitchen - where junior chefs can cook up some kitchen classics for their families, as well as, play with things they see in a diner, like cash registers and a milkshake machine.

  Storybook Castle

Once upon a time.... comes to life in a two story fantastical castle equipped with a magical mirror, armor, and a royal wardrobe. Become the hero of your own story or sit down in a quiet corner and listen to one.

  Subaru Science Shop

This exhibit is provided by Subaru of America. It has hands-on fun down to a science. Be amazed by the lava window, the magical light/dark room and test Sir Isaac's theories of gravity and motion.

  Subaru Service Station

This exhibit is provided by Subaru of America. Get your wrenches ready and be a regular grease monkey!

  Theater Dressing Room

Backstage Theater provides children with a stage where they can develop and direct their own productions with the Dressing Room and Costumes provided by Goodwill of America as well as a sound system. The 100-seat theater is also the site of special performances throughout the year.

  Tree House

Nature Center encourages children to explore animal behavior, by climbing a two-story tree house or playing with the puppets found in the branches below. Children are also invited to climb through a giant spider web without getting caught.

  Stuffin' Studio

Studio is a place where you can make your very own stuffable friend and outfit them too!!! Stuffin' friends come with their very own birth certificate and carrying crate.

  Under Construction

Under Construction invites children to participate in the building of a two-story house. Small hands with big minds can engineer their own town using miniature wooden buildings and roads or sit at the architect's light table to draft plans for dream houses.

  Vet Pet

Vet and Pet helps children explore how to care for household and exotic pets. Light tables are available to examine animal X-rays, make a diagnosis through the microscope, perform surgery on a stuffed bunny, stethoscopes can help kids figure out what has happened to the stuffed animal patients, and an examination table helps kids bandage hurt paws, ears, scales and tales. All these things help them imagine what it would like to be a veterinarian. Sponsored by Animal and Bird Health Care Center.

  Wildlife Area

Wildlife Area is brimming with scaly friends and creepy crawlers. Check out the Museumís collection of Red-eared Slider Turtles at the Turtle Bog. Climb through the bug tunnel to see live Tarantulas, Scorpions and Millipedes. Visit our Chinese Water Dragons and Australian Bearded Dragons or come face to face with our snake. Stay for a live animal show and learn all there is to know.