With the coming of summer, the Discovery Museum’s outdoor Adventure Garden will be opening. Starting the first week of June, museum visitors will be able to come play in a variety of exhibits within the garden. The Land of Sand contains a construction area filled with tractors and shovels for digging in the sand. There is also a new attraction that features tires of different sizes buried in the sand for climbing and hiding.

The Tea House contains mushroom chairs and a mushroom table specially sized for children. There are multicolored wood pictures and benches on the walls surrounding the mushroom furniture. The Tea House is located right next to the Turtle pond, which is a beautiful, little pond where the Discovery Museum turtles can be found swimming during the day. The Turtle Pond also has a bird house, bird bath and miniature statues to compliment the pond.

The Adventure Garden also has the Subaru Edible Garden, which will grow different types of fruits and vegetables during the warm weather. Right next to the Edible Garden is a picnic area with tables and chairs for museum guests to enjoy lunch in the sunshine. Guests can bring their own lunch or purchase something from our own J-Dogs Cafe! Finally, there is the Subaru Butterfly Garden that grows plants and flowers that will attract caterpillars and butterflies throughout the summer.

Come into the Discovery Museum starting Saturday, June 1st to experience all the fun exhibits the Adventure Garden has to offer!

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